Phase II Assessment
GEI experienced professionals strive to design a Phase II ESA program which optimizes the amount of information obtained in accordance with an individual customer's budget. We believe that communication throughout the implementation of the program is essential to its success. GEI works closely with our clients to ensure that the end product meets their requirements and leaves no unanswered questions.

A Phase II assessment can include:
- Manual and/or drill rig soil borings and sample collection.
- Groundwater probe sampling.
- Groundwater well installation, development, and sampling.
- Establishing groundwater flow patterns by taking measurements in monitoring wells and conducting pumping tests if necessary.

- Coordination of asbestos, mold, lead paint, biological and archeological surveys.
- Soil vapor probe installation and sampling
- A comprehensive written Phase II report detailing the rationale for the sampling that took place, the sampling protocols and procedures employed, interpretation of the analytical results, and, if necessary, recommended remedial actions needed to restore the site to the appropriate condition for its intended use.
- In addition, Phase II ESAs can include determination of requirements and reporting for health and ecological risks posed by property environmental conditions.

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