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Environmental Site Assessments. GEI's Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) services help identify environmental-related financial and legal risks associated with a property. Our ESA services are conducted in accordance with governmental and industry standards, as well as our internal quality standards. Such assessments will help your company fulfill lender requirements, protect the health of both your employees and the environment, and can enhance property values.

ESAs typically involve a Phase I assessment and may include a Phase II assessment. GEI will recommend whether one or both phases are required based on your company's situation. All components of both Phase I and II assessments are managed by GEI.

Phase I Assessment
Phase I assessments include a review of:

- A questionnaire completed by the current property owner with a follow-up interview.
- Any existing environmental site assessment documentation provided by the current property owner.
- Local historic business directories.
- City building or planning department files
- Historic fire insurance maps (including their acquisition).
- Historic aerial photographs.
- Local, state, and federal environmental agency lists for spill incidents or other potential releases

to air, soil, and/or groundwater on the subject property and surrounding properties within a one-mile radius.

- Fire and local and/or regional environmental agency case files for the subject property and any high risk surrounding properties.

In addition, a Phase I assessment includes:
- Determination of reported characteristics of the subject property's hydrology and hydrogeology.
- Visual inspection of the subject property for natural waterways, surface water discharges, waste disposal areas, ponds, groundwater wells, cisterns, cesspools, septic tanks, abnormal property odors or discolorations, soil disturbances, distressed vegetation, rightof- ways, chemical usage and storage, underground tanks, potential asbestos-containing building materials, and color photography of property conditions observed during the inspection.

- Visual inspection of neighboring properties to determine potential impact to the subject property.

- Preparation of a Phase I ESA report, which includes recognized environmental conditions and other potential environmental concerns, recommendations, site figures, and inspection photographs.

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