EH&S Compliance Services

Environmental Permitting/Reporting

Operations which involve hazardous materials or petroleum products often require environmental operating permits from local, state, and federal environmental regulatory agencies. GEI stays abreast of environmental legal and regulatory permitting requirements, and offers our clients environmental permit preparation and agency liaison and negotiation services. Our experience with regulatory agencies allows us to streamline the permitting process and expedite acquisition of necessary permits for operations. Examples of environmental permits GEI has obtained for clients include: air pollution, industrial wastewater discharges, industrial and construction site stormwater discharges, hazardous material storage, hazardous waste generation, and hazardous waste treatment. GEI also prepares environmental reports concerning air and water discharges, hazardous material storage and hazardous waste generation.

Environmental, Health and Safety Programming, Implementation and Auditing

There are numerous federal, state, and local laws and regulations imposed upon manufacturers, research companies, and contractors for the protection of the environment, the community, and their employees. Without compliance, a business can face significant financial and legal liabilities, as well as potential harm to employees and community health. To help develop and ensure a safe working environment, GEI reviews a client s existing EH&S programs and provides recommendations for improvements or additions, if necessary, to the procedures in place.

GEI will evaluate a client's EH&S needs based on applicable laws and regulations, company culture and resources, and facility or site risk factors. GEI will then tailor compliance programs to fit the identified requirements in a costeffective manner.

GEI can design programs which can be maintained entirely in-house, or with varying degrees of our support. Typical EH&S compliance programs include Injury and Illness Prevention, Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, Hazardous Material/Waste Storage and Handling, including preparation of Hazardous Material Business Plan. GEI's staff will conduct the required EH&S employee training at our client's facility or site, eliminating the time wasted in sending personnel off-site. Our cost-effective, client focused approach allows for efficient and streamlined program implementation.

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